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Many individuals and companies choosing to rent quality property no longer see themselves simply as tenants but also as customers looking for a service as well as a home. The increase in tenants’ expectations combined with ever changing legislation surrounding residential letting mean that many of our clients choose to trust us with the full management of their property.

There are significant benefits to employing a Property Manager to act on your behalf during a tenancy and we advise all of our clients to give this option serious consideration. Whilst it may be viewed as an additional cost initially, we work hard to ensure money invested in professional management is money well spent and your overall letting experience is improved considerably.

By choosing our fully managed service you are putting a professional between you and your tenant, protecting the relationship between all parties and ensuring the relationship stays professional. When deciding how your property will be managed it is always worth asking yourself how much time you will have to dedicate to your tenants, or how much time you will want to dedicate to your tenants? Paying premium rent will mean your tenant will expect assistance around the clock in the event of an emergency, look for swift answers to queries regarding their contract or the property and certainly expect any repairs to be addressed quickly with as little fuss and inconvenience to them as possible. There will also be occasions where as a landlord you may need to say no to your tenant or have an uncomfortable conversation.

When considering your options we advise you also think about how you wish for maintenance issues to be addressed, and who you feel happy addressing these for you. With nearly 30 year’s combined experience and maintenance expertise our Property Management team often find issues reported can be resolved without the need for a tradesman and the additional expense that incurs. Where a maintenance issue does require a tradesman you can rest assured that as a trusted and established name in the industry we have been able to develop relationships with a range of tried and tested contractors from one man bands to large organisations. Although our contractors come in all shapes and sizes what they share is a commitment to quality and an understanding of our values.

“I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to you all the way from LA for all the work and time you are putting into getting the problem fixed in my flat. You’ve impressed not only me, but Jan next door. I think you might have a new client. Thanks again, you are an EXCELLENT manager - it’s a tough job.” – John D Wood & Co. client, August 2014

“ I'd just like to once again say thank you very much for your ongoing help - I am surprised with how quick and seamlessly you manage to get the right people to take care of everything and am incredibly grateful” - John D Wood & Co tenant, September 2014

We successfully manage hundreds of tenancies on behalf of landlords and are proud of the strong relationships we have developed, often lasting several years and multiple tenancies. Ultimately we are here to take the stress out of being a landlord and ensure your interests are best looked after throughout the tenancy, allowing you to relax knowing your investment really is in safe hands. 


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