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Many owners are unaware of the difficulties and legislation complications that are involved when managing their property. Unreasonable tenant behaviour and the responsibilities imposed on Landlords under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1988 are just two of the areas that can leave Landlords wondering what to do.

Our contacts in the industry enable us to send reliable contractors to fix maintenance issues that arise. In the current climate this again relieves our landlords of unnecessary worry, expense and concern.

We are aware of ever changing government legislation, with respect to liability and safety, and the increasingly litigious times in which we live. These are very real concerns for landlords. Ongoing training keeps us up to date with new legislation and helps our clients to avoid many pitfalls.

Allowing us to deal with the day to day tasks such as negotiating deposit releases, paying utility bills, organising repairs, answering tenants' queries, and arranging gas safety certificates, enables our clients to enjoy greater peace of mind knowing their property is in safe hands.

Our experienced and highly trained team offer property management services for Landlords to ensure your property is continually monitored and maintained. Our London property management service for Landlords includes:

The Management Department of John D Wood & Co. consists of experienced property negotiators specialising in maintaining a vast number of properties in and around London. We can act as the main point of contact for you and your tenant throughout the duration of the tenancy. We help you by striking the right balance between being firm but fair with tenants and preventing small problems becoming a burden.

Tenants appreciate being able to contact us at a moments notice. Knowing there is always someone on hand to help improves their sense of security and encourages greater loyalty and increased possibility of extensions of the tenancy agreement. This helps to reduce the number of void periods which in turn increases the return generated by the property.

  • Payment of outgoings where demanded, subject to the availability of funds
  • Informing utility companies when a change of tenancy takes place
  • The selection of suitable contractors to ensure standards are maintained
  • Arranging routine repairs & maintenance
  • Ensuring that our clients' properties comply with the latest safety regulations
  • Supplying our clients with legislative information upon request
  • The reconciliation of deposits
  • Communicating with the tenants and solving problems
  • Handling insurance claims, where insurers allow
  • Liaison with surveyors & other professional advisors
  • Arranging annual gas safety certificates, portable appliance tests and periodic inspections


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