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Ivybridge Primary School, TW7

Ivybridge Primary School is a maintained school for boys and girls in Hounslow LEA.

The school has 338 pupils (163 girls and 175 boys), aged between 3 and 11. The school's Headteacher is Ms C McKay.

Ivybridge Primary School's last OFSTED inspection was in November 2011, and its overall OFSTED rating was 2 (Good). Recent research by Zoopla suggests that properties within the catchment area of a good school such as Ivybridge Primary School can be worth considerably more than similar properties in the wider area.

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School Details

Education Level
School Type
Maintained School
Grant Funding per pupil
£4,690 (98%)
Self-generated income per pupil
£107 (2%)
Local Education Authority
Catchment Area

Information about school catchment areas is often hard to come by. We don't have a website address for Ivybridge Primary School, but you could try looking for the school on Hounslow Council's website

School Contacts

Ms C McKay
+44 20 8891 2727 

No web address available

Summerwood Road
Mogden Lane

Pupil Information

Age Range
3 - 11
No. of Pupils
175 (51.8%)
163 (48.2%)
Eligible for Free School Meals
111 (38.8%)
5% (of which 4% persistent)

Pupils Breakdown

Age Girls Boys
Age 3 24 28
Age 4 28 n/a
Age 5 27 33
Age 6 30 29
Age 7 12 17
Age 8 18 12
Age 9 14 14
Age 10 n/a 15
Age 11 n/a n/a
NB The figures in the Pupils Breakdown table are provided by the school, and may not always be accurate.

OFSTED Reports

Last OFSTED Inspection
24/11/2011 - 25/11/2011
Inspection Type
S5 Inspection
Overall effectiveness
2 (Good)
How well do learners achieve
Standards reached by learners
2 (Good)
2 (Good)
Quality of teaching
2 (Good)
Leadership and management
2 (Good)
Ofsted reports
Ofsted Parents' feeback

DFE & Other Key Stage Reports

Key Stage 2 Score
Exam results & statistics
School summary

The information provided in this report is based on data provided by OFSTED, the DfE, the school itself, as well as other sources.

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Nearest Office

Richmond Estate Agents

31 Sheen Road
London TW9 1AD

+44 (0)20 8940 6611

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