Earlsfield Area Guide

In the city of London, Earlsfield provides a community-oriented lifestyle that appeals to a wide variety of people. It is recognised for its inclusive atmosphere and diverse population, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a London home.

If you are contemplating Earlsfield as your future residence, John D Wood & Co. is here to assist you. With our extensive experience in the Earlsfield property market and our dedication to delivering exceptional service, we have put together a comprehensive area guide to help you learn more about this sought-after area.


Properties in Earlsfield

Types of Properties Available in Earlsfield

Earlsfield boasts a diverse range of properties to cater to various preferences and lifestyles. Whether you're in search of a stylish apartment, a family home, or a contemporary townhouse, Earlsfield has something for everyone. Property options here range from charming Victorian and Edwardian houses to modern developments and spacious flats.

At John D Wood & Co., we provide expert guidance to help you navigate this diverse property market, ensuring you find a property that suits your needs and fits your budget.

Average Property Prices in Earlsfield

Property prices in Earlsfield vary based on factors such as size, condition, and location. On average, you can expect to find properties ranging from £400,000 to £2 million. Victorian and Edwardian homes with their characteristic charm are popular choices, while new developments offer modern amenities. Our experienced team at John D Wood & Co. will advise you on property prices and assist you in finding the best fit for your unique requirements.


Living in Earlsfield

Understanding the area you plan to reside in is essential for a smooth transition to your new home. Earlsfield offers a welcoming environment with an array of amenities and attractions to enhance your lifestyle.

●      Local Amenities

Earlsfield offers an array of local amenities, including shopping districts, restaurants, and cultural venues. St. Garrard's Road and Garratt Lane are popular shopping destinations, providing a variety of stores to meet your needs.

●      Parks and Recreation

For nature enthusiasts, Earlsfield boasts several parks and green spaces. Wandsworth Common, King George's Park, and Garratt Green offer opportunities for leisurely walks, picnics, and outdoor activities. These green spaces provide a breath of fresh air amid the bustling city.

●      Education and Schools

Families with children will appreciate the proximity to reputable schools in the area. Notable options include Earlsfield Primary School, Beatrix Potter Primary School, and Burntwood School, providing quality education for children of all ages.

●      Colleges and Universities

Earlsfield benefits from its proximity to renowned colleges and universities. Institutions such as South Thames College and the University of Roehampton are easily accessible, making it an attractive location for students and academics alike.

●      Transport Links

Earlsfield residents enjoy excellent transport connections. It is well-connected to central London through regular train services and the nearby A3 road offers easy access to major roadways and motorways, providing seamless travel options. The area also promotes cycling and pedestrian-friendly routes, making it convenient for alternative transportation.

●      Main Local Attractions

Earlsfield offers a range of cultural spots, including theaters and museums, to keep you entertained such as the Wandsworth Museum and the Tara Arts Theatre.

●      Business and Employment Scene

The business landscape in Earlsfield is diverse, with a variety of industries represented. From retail to hospitality, technology to healthcare, the area offers opportunities for career growth and entrepreneurship. The supportive business community fosters innovation and job prospects.


Tips for Moving to The Earlsfield Area

If you are contemplating moving to Earlsfield, these practical tips will facilitate a seamless transition:

●       Neighbourhood Research: Conduct thorough research on the various neighbourhoods within Earlsfield. Each neighbourhood has its unique character, and it's essential to find the one that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you're seeking a quieter residential area or a bustling urban hub, knowing the neighbourhoods will help you make an informed decision.

●       Commute Considerations: Your daily commute can significantly impact your daily routine. Evaluate your work location and the ease of access to public transport options like buses and trains. Earlsfield enjoys excellent transport connections, but understanding your commute is crucial in planning your day-to-day schedule.

●       Local Amenities: Explore the local amenities that matter to you and your family. Earlsfield offers a variety of shopping districts, dining options, and cultural venues. Whether you're in search of convenience stores, parks, or recreational facilities, knowing what's available in the vicinity will enhance your daily life.

●       Schools and Education: If you have children or plan to in the future, researching local schools is paramount. Earlsfield is home to several reputable primary and secondary schools, including Earlsfield Primary School and Beatrix Potter Primary School. Investigate their offerings and catchment areas to ensure your child's education aligns with your expectations.

●       Expert Guidance: Navigating the property market can be complex, especially in a new area. Partnering with local experts like John D Wood & Co. can make a significant difference. Our experienced team can provide valuable insights into the Earlsfield property market, assist you in finding properties that match your criteria, and guide you through the buying or renting process.

These practical tips will not only make your transition to Earlsfield smoother but also empower you to make informed decisions that align with your lifestyle and preferences.



What are the council tax rates in Earlsfield?

Council tax rates in Earlsfield vary depending on the property's valuation band and the local council's rates. It's advisable to check the current rates with the Wandsworth Council or consult with a local tax expert for precise information.

Are there healthcare facilities in close proximity to Earlsfield?

Yes, Earlsfield residents have access to nearby healthcare facilities, including NHS hospitals and private clinics. St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Wimbledon Clinics are among the healthcare providers serving the area.

Is Earlsfield a safe place to live?

Earlsfield is considered a safe and welcoming neighbourhood, with relatively low crime rates and a strong sense of community. Local police services and community watch programs contribute to the overall safety of the area.


In Conclusion

Earlsfield is a neighbourhood that combines community spirit with urban convenience, offering a unique blend of city living and suburban charm.

To explore more properties or receive personalised guidance, please contact us. Your journey to making Earlsfield your home begins here.