It’s your time to sell

It’s your time to sell

With the housing market at fever pitch, and house prices skyrocketing, it could be time to sell your home...

Many people don’t realise their home is worth more than they think

It’s no big secret that the housing market is booming. Homes are now selling within 45 days of going on sale* - weeks sooner than the average time required to sell back in January. There are also huge numbers of buyers joining the market each week. This, teamed with the lack of properties for sale has sent house prices soaring.

Do you know how much your home is worth?

Make the most of this opportunity. No more waiting around. No strings, surprises, or complicated jargon. Just a straightforward agent, and a team of experts on your side.

text: With the housing market at fever pitch, and house prices skyrocketing, it could be time to sell your home... button_text: How much is my home worth? button_link: /services/property-valuation/

Go on. Get an up-to-date valuation and see how much you could sell for.

Get a 60-second valuation

Why sell now?

It takes, on average, 126 days to go through the legal process to completion***. This doesn’t include the time it takes to find a buyer. With the help of our legal experts and state of the art marketing, we can help you sell quickly.

And we won’t take a sales fee until you’re sold.

47% more buyers

We’ve seen a spike in traffic to our websites in recent weeks** and Zoopla has reported that the number of buyers coming to market and contacting estate agents is 47% higher than in 2020.***

High house prices

The high buyer demand has pushed up the average price of property coming to market by 0.8% this month which equates to an extra £2,484 in your pocket.****

High demand

With sales already agreed for almost two out of three properties, demand is very much outstripping supply*. Keen buyers are eagerly waiting for new properties to come up for sale.

Stamp Duty

With thousands of savings to be had, a recent survey from Rightmove reports that over 90%**** of buyers are undeterred by the stamp duty deadline ending, even more reason to start your sale today

*Zoopla’s Hidden Equity Survey is based on research among 2,000 UK homeowners 2021
**According to recent Countrywide Google Analytics data. 
***Zoopla Research, March 2021
****Rightmove blog Stamp Duty Holiday Extension 2021