We recognise the importance of instructing a solicitor that you can trust. Our panel of solicitors are handpicked for their exceptional service levels.

About our panel of solicitors

John D Wood & Co. handle a significant volume of transactions annually, some of which can be quite complex. We recognise the importance of having a solicitor you can rely on, with strong communication. That’s why we have partnered with just a handful of solicitors who we trust to look after your property interests and guide you through your transaction.

We understand that relationships are important and communication shouldn’t be restricted to 9-5pm, and that many of our clients live in a different time zone. That’s why we only recommend solicitors who we have worked with over the years and have a reputation in delivering great service.

Whether you are looking for a solicitor who can meet a tight exchange deadline of just a few days, or if you need some additional support whilst managing a probate sale, or simply want to find a strong, credible solicitor to act on your behalf, the panel of solicitors we work with is a great place to start.

Get in touch

You can get in touch with your local John D Wood & Co. office, who will be able to put you in contact with one of our panel solicitors, or email