This Halloween's haunted homes

This Halloween's haunted homes

Finding your perfect home needn’t be a scary prospect.

Every year Halloween provokes controversy and divides opinions. Whether it is lychee inspired ‘eyeball’ cocktails at festive gatherings whilst donning outrageous costumes, watching movies in the dark or pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating with the kids, the occasion can offer something to all.

And from spooky to stylish, adorning homes with a Halloween-inspired look is becoming increasingly popular giving people an opportunity to let their imagination run wild and show off their creativity.

Celebrating the occasion once again this year, for a limited time we will be showcasing our haunted property picks and Halloween inspired window displays to bring some light hearted fun to our offices in the high streets of London, Lymington, Surrey and Oxford – and they are well worth a look.

In a previous year, the campaign was so well received by a member of the public that they responded by writing a letter to the estate agent, stating their interest to view the one of the haunted properties, and naming their availability ‘from midnight until dawn’, requirements ‘a large family with several animals including a raven, wold and bat’ and references available ‘from our previous landlord Mr D. R. Cula’ before signing it off ‘Mr and Mrs Frank N Stein’.

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Hellsington Gore, KI11

An eerie two deadroom residence in an early Victorian mansion block. The property is located in unpopular Fearful Borough of Hellsington and Hellsea and boasts truly terrifying vaulted staircases leading nowhere throughout its grim, haunted halls and corridors. Scare of Frighthold | Guide Price £666,600.

Grimrose Thrill, HE11

A recently converted parish church on the outskirts of Grimrose Village, this property is offered for rent with many of the original frightful features still intact, including sorrowful wailing from the empty pews, random discordant outbursts on the original organ and an awful aspect over extensive haunted gardens. £1,313 Per Calendar Month (fleas apply).

North Salem Village, DE4D

An imposing gothic building in 666 acres of spooky shrubland and forest, this former ‘asylum for those of psychopathic tendencies’ is in some need of modernising. With over 60 bedrooms and constant shrieking from the hauntings, this property is perfect for someone looking for a project. Frighthold | Guide Price £6,660,000.

Cornfields, EV11

The Cornfields development is a series of flying properties, situated in an area of extreme weather. The fixtures and fittings are all of a period styling, and whilst the exterior could benefit from a few modern touches, the ambience created within the property really does give you that feeling of utter isolation. Scare of Frighthold | Guide Price £666,000.

Crystal Lake, GR1M

Surrounded by delightfully murky waters and in need of complete renovation, this ramshackle cabin is the perfect weekend getaway. Popular with daring teenage revellers and the axe swinging fiends who love them, it boasts four bedrooms, two reception rooms and when the screams abate, a thoroughly peaceful location. Licehold to 1313 | Guide Price £66,600.

Ghouland Road, F34R

A spooktacularly ruined residence, with original cobwebs, belfry and dungeon, complete with trapdoor access. Horrifying views of the graveyard to the south and haunted forest to the north. Ample grounds and kennelling for hounds, hell or otherwise. Viewings after midnight only. Scare of Frighthold | Guide Price £666,000.

Transylvania Avenue, DR4C

Fangtastically, imposing castle with 12 delightfully drafty and cobweb-covered reception rooms. All windows fitted with UV proof blinds, excluding the bedroom windows which have been completely blocked up. Stunning silhouette when lightning strikes. Local village within flying distance, perfect for a quick bite. Frighthold | Guide Price £6,660,000.

13 Nevermore Place, HE11

This late Georgian mansion, built on an ancient pagan burial site, is one of the most haunted properties on Nevermore Place. Inhabited by disembodied spirits and poltergeists who enjoy rattling on the intricate cast iron lattice work. It boasts five ghastly bedrooms, two eerie reception rooms and a spooky cellar. Frighthold | Guide Price £666,000.