Frighteningly fun Halloween listings

Frighteningly fun Halloween listings

Finding your perfect home needn’t be a scary prospect.

It’s that time of year again, where many of you will adorn your homes with ghastly decorations, and with more and more people celebrating this ever-increasingly popular time of year, there is something for all to enjoy. Whether it’s creating the ultimate eight-legged creature costume for trick or treating, going on a pumpkin trail or meeting friends for a witches brew. Now it’s time to live the experience and begin your search for a spooky dwelling.

From shrieking ghosts to maniacal clowns and spooky skeletons, too much is just enough in an over-the-top Halloween home.

Giving you pumpkin to talk about, we are celebrating Halloween once again for a limited time, where we will be showcasing our fangtastic properties and Halloween inspired window displays. Grab your broomstick and fly by our offices in the high streets of London, Surrey, Lymington and Oxford – they are well worth a look.

You can also get involved by sharing your favourite John D Wood & Co. Halloween home on social media and tag our Instagram account @johndwoodco [].

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Frightchapel Road, R1P P3R

Situated in the parish of Frightchapel, this grim slice of Victoriana seems to blend seamlessly into the terrifying background of decaying factories and potholes that lead right to the depths of hell. Enticing the depraved with a grand staircase, leading to the pathetic sleeping quarters where the tortured screams of former residents can still be heard. Frighthold | Guide Price £66,611.

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Virginia Slaughter, Berzerkshire

Set on the cusp of hysteria, this property is located on the bloodied banks of Virginia Slaughter Lake. Haunted by horrendous transport links, the M25, M3 and Devil’s Highway ensure not a moment’s peace ever reaches the desperate hollows of this home. Ideal for moonlit walks, the unruly fields are simply laden with rattlesnakes slithering through. £666 Per Calendar Month (fleas apply).

Finding your perfect home needn’t be a scary prospect

Our team of local experts would love to hear from you to discuss all our services in more detail and how they can make a difference to what you are looking to achieve.