Navigating an ever-evolving property market

Managing Director, Polly Ogden Duffy, comments on the Bank of England’s interest rate increase from 4.5% to 5%, and explains the importance of seeking expert advice 'now more than ever'.

The property market currently could be described as volatile; an unpredictable landscape paired with a bumpy economic climate, is confusing for most. Therefore, if you aren’t sure how best to navigate conflicting opinions on when best to enter the market, you really need to be talking to an expert.

The latest announcement by the Bank of England to raise the interest rate from 4.5% to 5%, higher than the 0.25% increase than was anticipated. Ultimately should come as no surprise in a market that has come to expect steady increases in rates over the past few months and active participants in the market have been experiencing these challenges for some time now.

As always, the impact of the rate rise will depend on the individual and their property motivations but it is more important than ever to seek expert advice when conditions are changing as rapidly as they have been. If you haven’t had advice in the last six weeks then you have to assume it is already out of date.

As interest rates continue to rise and mortgage rates comes to an end, we are tipping the ballasts where we are seeing more and more landlords having to fund their buy-to-lets to break even. If these landlords can sell, chances are they will sell and that in turn will drive rents up due to less supply. It is hard to find many incentives to become a landlord with a mortgage in this environment.

On a more positive note of opportunity, the reality is that if your home has dropped 10% and you are looking to upgrade your property, there has never been a better time. If you are an aspirational homeowner, it is fair to say that this a great ‘upsizer’s’ market for those that are bold.”

My advice is to speak to one of our agents who will help you navigate your next move and ensure you have the latest facts and figures to make well-informed choices and thrive in this continuously changing market.

We can also put you in touch directly with our trusted experts at Capital Private Finance to ensure you have the most current information around financing, which could, in turn, also save you thousands.


Polly Ogden Duffy
Managing Director