Seize the season: The September surge in the property market

September is a pivotal month for the property industry, bringing a surge of new properties to the market, making it a golden opportunity for buyers.

As the vibrant hues of summer start to fade and the crisp air of autumn begins to embrace us, the property market experiences a dynamic seasonal shift, with a host of benefits that make this an ideal time for making a move.

September is a pivotal month for the property industry, especially for families with children heading back to school, marked by a surge in new property listings hitting the market, also making it a golden opportunity for buyers.

As the school bell rings and children return to their classrooms, the chaos of summer holidays and relaxed schedules is replaced with a renewed sense of routine.

Families are often hesitant to uproot during the summer months when the kids are out of school and the pace of life is often slower. However, once September arrives, parents are more willing to consider a move.

Selling your home in September when families are getting back into their daily rhythms offers several advantages. First, there's less disruption to the children's education. Moving during the school year can be challenging, so many families prefer to relocate when it aligns with the academic calendar.

Additionally, selling in September should allow time for a move to happen by the festive season allowing new traditions to begin and the New Year to start smoothly in a new home, and ensuring that children have a stable environment during what can be a busy time of year.

Families seeking a larger home, better school district, or a more family-friendly neighbourhood are often actively searching during this time.

The benefit for buyers

The seasonal influx of new property listings in September translates to a wider selection of homes to choose from. With more options on the market, buyers can carefully compare properties based preference, need and budget, making it more empowering to find a home that truly aligns with their vision – whether they're looking for a specific architectural style, location, or features that cater to their lifestyle.

And sellers are typically more motivated. The transition from summer to autumn often signifies a shift in mindset, with many eager to finalise the sale before the winter months. This motivation can work to the advantage of buyers, as they may find sellers more willing to negotiate on price or other terms. It's a win-win scenario: sellers get to move on to their next chapter, and buyers can secure a great deal.

It is well known that the housing market tends to slow down in the latter part of the year. By getting your property on the market in September, you position yourself to take advantage of the relatively higher level of buyer activity before the market potentially cools off in the winter months.



Kesha Foss-Smith

Area Director