Short Lets Decoded: Your essential Q&A guide

Short Lets offer flexibility and income opportunities for landlords and vendors alike. Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions.

Short Lets offer flexibility and income opportunities for landlords and vendors alike.

Here we answer some commonly asked questions from landlords when looking at the option of renting their property short-term:

Q. Will I know who is staying in my property?

A. Absolutely. We specialise in working closely with multiple corporate companies and insurers, building long-standing relationships within this sector. This specialisation ensures that we are intimately acquainted with the tenant who will be occupying your property. Whether it's via a corporate entity or an individual seeking a temporary home, we prioritise transparency and ensure that the tenant's details are clearly outlined in the contract.

We understand the importance of creating a home away from home experience for tenants, which not only ensures the best rental price for you but also guarantees the quality of the tenant.

Q. How is the rent paid? Will there be a deposit?

A. Rent is paid in advance for the duration of the tenancy, ensuring you receive instant income from day one and providing financial security. Additionally, we ensure that a security deposit is collected before the tenancy commences, offering you peace of mind against any potential damages or disputes. We handle all negotiations professionally, offering expert advice as your managing agent.

Q. How quickly will someone want to move in?

A. Short let tenants typically have a mindset of efficient convenience, and often desire to move in within days of booking. Understanding this, we expedite the tenancy process to ensure it's finalised within 24 hours. This not only provides security and peace of mind for both you and the tenant but also ensures that you don't miss out on any opportunities.

Q. Can I keep my property on the sales market whilst a Short Let is in situ?

A. Certainly, many of our clients choose to keep their properties on the sales market while engaging in a Short Let agreement. This arrangement allows you to generate income while still actively pursuing a sale.

Q. Do I need additional insurance?

A. While it’s not mandatory, we recommend having contents insurance to cover furniture and other items left in the property as a precautionary measure.

Q. What happens if something is damaged?

A. A sufficient security deposit is always collected, which serves as protection in case of damages. Any damages incurred during the tenancy will be deducted as dilapidations at the end of the term. We meticulously itemise and negotiate on your behalf to ensure fair resolution.

Q. Will tenants allow for sales viewings?

A. We ensure transparency by informing tenants upfront that the property will remain on the sales market. Additionally, we incorporate a specific viewing clause into the tenancy agreement to accommodate sales viewings.

Q. Who manages the Short Let? What are your fees?

A. We take on the responsibility of managing the property on your behalf. Our services include handling all communication with tenants and addressing any maintenance issues that may arise. As for fees, please reach out to us directly for a detailed breakdown tailored to your specific needs.

With our expertise and network of relationships, we strive to ensure that every Short Let arrangement is a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Alexandra Crocker
Senior Lettings Manager