Breaching the commuter-belt

Our Country House Manager, Claire Carter, says that many are spreading their wings even further afield and looking at areas not considered before.

For many years, whilst we have enjoyed London buyers moving out of the city into the surrounding countryside, we are now finding that they are spreading their wings much further afield and looking at areas not considered before.

For those working from home or only needing to commute into London once or twice a week, being able to breach the traditional commuter belt are being rewarded with some surprisingly affordable and beautiful homes in idyllic villages and towns.

While property sizes are considerably more generous in the country than those in the city, there are a growing number of buyers who are looking for a complete lifestyle change.

‘Quality of life’ is a phrase we hear so often now and it seems to be the goal for many when looking for a country house.

Situated in areas with clean air quality, low crime rates and excellent schooling options, it is no surprise rural areas such as Kent and Surrey are so appealing. When looking at the properties themselves, detached character houses with privacy and a good degree of outside space are in the most demand.

Many of our country houses boast the traditional features we have all come to adore and expect; Inglenook fireplaces, AGAs, walk-in pantries and exposed beams go a way towards completing the checklist for the perfect home.

Rural and village properties are often available with large gardens and land, which can concern some buyers who have previously only needed to maintain a balcony or courtyard garden in the city.

However, there are many options available when purchasing a property with land, countryside agreements are often in place with local farmers to use the land for grazing in return for maintaining boundaries and keeping the space well preserved. And, you won’t have to search too hard to find a local horse owner who would gladly rent a field or two from you, should you not wish to use the land yourself.

Moving to the country does not have to mean living in the sticks; some prefer a small village, market town or the outskirts of a bigger city, rather than an isolated, windswept rural location.

We pride ourselves in offering answers to questions that some buyers haven’t even considered, or feel unsure about asking, such as making changes to a Grade II Listed building, what it means to live in an AONB (Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty) or even, how private drainage works.

Whether you are looking for a weekend bolthole, a quieter lifestyle, or a home where you can watch your children and grandchildren grow, from country homes with long histories to modern estates, equestrian/farms and every country home in between, we would love to help in your search.

Claire Carter
Country House Manager


Sell your Country House

Sell your Country House

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